Can Yoga Prevent Hair Loss?

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There are many factors which can cause hair loss, from genetics and medical conditions through to autoimmune conditions such as Alopecia Areata.

Some types of hair loss, however, are lifestyle related. Stress, smoking, exposure to UV rays, hormonal contraception and poor diet all affect the health of your hair, and can in some cases trigger hair loss.

The good news is that, by making certain changes to your lifestyle, you can improve the health of your hair and help prevent lifestyle-related hair loss. Could taking up yoga be one of those measures?

Yoga for Healthy Hair - The Downward Dog PosePreventing hair loss naturally?

Some people believe that yoga and meditation can help to prevent hair loss, and it's true that in conjunction with a healthy diet, yoga can help to boost your physical and mental health, both of which are important for healthy hair.

In order to stay healthy and grow normally, hair requires nutrients, so eating a balanced diet is essential. Our hair is often the last place in the body to receive nutrients from food, so yoga moves which increase circulation to the scalp could ensure that essential vitamins and minerals make their way to your hair follicles.

We should all ensure we drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day; this can include drinks such as fruit juice, tea and coffee. Your diet should also include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as cereals, pulses and dairy products. Skipping meals or failing to eat breakfast should be avoided; research has shown that this could exacerbate hair loss and could also lead to weight gain.

Calm mind, healthy hair

So is there any truth that practising yoga and meditation can help to reduce thinning hair or prevent hair loss? Both can help to reduce anxiety and stress levels by lowering your blood pressure and reducing the body's production of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol our 'fight or flight' hormones.

Practising yoga or taking time out to meditate can also help to boost your mood, and if you're happier, you are more likely to make healthy food choices, which can improve the health of your hair.Yoga for Healthy Hair - The Diamond Pose

Yoga poses to try

The following yoga poses can help boost your physical and mental well-being, but remember that you should always see a hair loss specialist if you are concerned about hair loss.

  • Downward dog pose (pictured top right) This can help to increase oxygen and blood circulation to the head and scalp, and is one of the most popular yoga poses for beginners

  • Diamond pose (pictured right) This pose helps to reduce your stress levels, which in turn reduces your body's production of stress hormones


Yoga can be used in conjunction with medically-proven hair loss treatments and lifestyle changes to help keep your hair healthy, but it is important to note that there are no lifestyle measures that can prevent the onset of genetic hair loss they can only assist with general hair health.
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Posted by Belgravia Centre Writer

In this article: Hair Loss

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