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‘Can Using Too Much Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?’


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Shower shampoo hair wash hair lossName: Keenan

Question: Can using too much shampoo cause hair loss? I saw it says on the bottle to use a coin size amount but I use two or three times that and now my hair is falling out when I shower. I think it’s cos of my shampoo. Can you tell me? If I use less shampoo will it stop my hair falling out?

Answer: Hi, Keenan. It is absolutely normal to notice hair loss when you shower or wash your hair, but this does not necessarily mean you have a hair loss condition.

As long as you are rinsing the shampoo out properly so that there is no residue left behind, it is extremely unlikely – barring an allergic reaction, which would cause other symptoms in addition to hair fall – that using too much shampoo has anything to do with your shedding.

It is normal to lose up to around 100 hairs per day. Often we don’t even notice them going but in cases where your attention is more focused on your hair – such as in the shower, when you’re washing your hair or when you’re brushing it – it can be a shock to see these hairs shed. Some may even have been shed from the scalp but remained stuck in amongst your other hairs so the hair fall may seem more intense at times but it’s likely just because you are moving the hair around.

If you continue to experience hairloss at a level which concerns you for a period of six months, or if you start to see signs of thinning hair – such as your ponytail becoming thinner or your parting becoming wider – or sudden hair fall in patches, then a specialist consultation may be helpful. This way a professional can assess your scalp and provide you with a diagnosis, as well as any hair loss treatment recommendations if needed. However, for now, based solely on the information you give here, it does not sound like the hair fall you are experiencing is out of the ordinary, nor related to your shampoo use.

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