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Can the Weather Make You Lose Your Hair?


Hanky Hat The Belgravia CentreDid you know that on average, we each lose 50 to 100 hairs every day? Over the course of a year, that’s around 30,000 hairs! We all know that factors such as diet and lifestyle choices, even stress, can impact hair loss, and of course genetics has its role to play too. But what about cold or hot weather – is there any truth in the rumours that either type of weather can make you shed faster than normal? Let’s take a look…

Natural cycles

A study by the University Hospital of Zurich revealed that we actually lose the least hair during the winter months. Could this hark back to the days when humans were more reliant on hair for warmth? Melatonin, which is responsible for making you feel sleepy during winter’s short, dark days, also regulates hair growth cycles, spurring more growth during winter.

Stay protected in cold weather

There are some aspects of cold weather which can negatively impact our hair, leading to thinning hair and patchy hair loss. Dry scalps caused by central heating and cold weather can lead to brittle, fragile hair, whilst friction from pulling on or off tight hats can also snap or break hair that is fragile or already damaged.

The best way to care for your hair during the winter months is to treat your scalp and hair with products designed to protect it from the cold and drying effects of central heating. Nourishing hair oils will strengthen hair, making it more resilient.

Temperature rising

At the other end of the scale, can hot weather impact hair loss? If you’re worried about shedding or thinning hair when the temperature rises outside, you should bear in mind that most people shed more hair naturally during warmer weather. This could again hark back to our evolutionary disposition to shed, creating a lighter covering of hair that keeps us cooler during the summer months.

Some people believe that stress caused by excessive sun and hot weather can lead to Telogen Effluvium, a condition which causes short-term hair loss. If you think you’re experiencing hair loss caused by Telogen Effluvium, the Belgravia Centre can diagnose your condition, and offer you a personalised hair loss treatment programme which will help your hair to grow back strong and healthy.

That’s not to say that hot weather and excessive sun exposure isn’t damaging for your hair – it’s important to protect your scalp and hair during summer too. If you’re going to be out and about in hot weather, you should use a hair oil with SPF to protect your hair and scalp from UV rays. Wearing a hat is one of the best ways to keep your scalp cool and prevent dryness which could lead to damaged hair.

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