Can Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss Cause Dry, Frizzy Hair?'

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Name: Lou

I Need Help with Thin Hair from Hair Breakage

Question: Hello, for the past 10 months my hair has become dry, frizzy, breaking off and noticeably thinning. I saw a trichologist and she has said I have Telogen Effluvium. However, I am querying this diagnosis as I do not and have not experienced excessive hair shedding. Can you still get Telogen Effluvium without having excess hair shedding? Does this condition cause the hair to become dry, brittle, frizzy and unable to hold moisture? She has also recommended a 6 month course of supplements to treat this condition. Will supplements reverse Telogen Effluvium???

Answer: Hi, Lou. Telogen Effluvium (TE) is a disturbance in the hair growth cycle which makes many strong, actively-growing hairs - known as 'anagen hairs' - prematurely enter the resting - 'telogen' - phase and fall out.

The main feature of this hair loss condition is diffuse hair shedding from all over the scalp, with telogen bulbs.

It is not typical in cases of TE for there to be hair breakage - where the hair snaps along the shaft - without hair loss from the root. This may happen due to poor hair quality or over-processing, however, and may explain the concerns you have regarding dry hair, brittleness and frizzy hair; damaged hair where there is breakage can often present with these qualities. Additionally, some rare hair shaft disorders can also cause breakage to occur.

Whilst not intended to replace a balanced diet, targeted food supplements, such as Hair Vitalics, or ones which address any specific nutrients you are lacking, may be useful.

If you are unsure whether or not you have any nutritional deficiencies, you can check this by arranging a blood test via your GP.

Belgravia Centre hair supplement Hair Vitalics for Men for Women food supplements general nutrition vitamin tablet

There are certain vitamins and minerals which are understood to have hair-friendly properties. These include selenium, zinc and biotin, all of which are known to help maintain normal healthy hair quality. This is why Belgravia specialists included them, alongside additional nutrients, amino acids and botanical extracts, in the proprietary blend of ingredients each one-a-day tablet contains.

If your trichologist diagnosed you with Telogen Effluvium, we would assume they saw a number of telogen hairs during your scalp examination. It is possible to have both TE and hair breakage at the same time, though it is unlikely for TE to present without any noticeable hair fall.

If you are not certain about the diagnosis, or if you would simply like some reassurance or clarity on this, I advise you to discuss it again with your trichologist before starting any treatment - whether this is pharmaceutical hair loss treatment or using non-medicinal hair growth supporting products.

When addressing these kinds of issues it is important to find a reputable professional you feel comfortable dealing with. If you feel uncomfortable speaking to your trichologist about her diagnosis, or if you would like a second opinion, I recommend having a consultation with another hair loss specialist.

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