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Can Sunburn of the Scalp Cause Hair Loss?


sunburnName: Pete J

Question: Hi. I have a very itchy scalp and I think it is from sunburn because it is itchy at the areas where the scalp is exposed to the sun (partings etc.). Can sun burn on the scalp cause hair loss?

Answer: Sunburn can cause your scalp to itch just like it can the rest of your skin but sunburn itself does not cause hair loss. There could be a possibility that thinning hair is making your scalp susceptible to sunburn. Using a sun cream on your scalp, or better still wearing a hat, should solve the problem.

If your hair is thinning and it bothers you it’s probably also a good idea to look into treatments to prevent any further thinning and thicken your hair. Information on the most effective treatments, which will clear up hair loss in the great majority of cases can be found on our HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS page.

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