Can Regularly or Consistently Wearing a Cap Cause Hair Loss?'

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Question: Hi I just wanted you to clarify for me if regular or consistent wearing of a cap can contribute to hair loss

Hair Loss Advice NeededAnswer: Hi, George. This is a common query and the answer is that in most scenarios wearing a cap is highly unlikely to cause hair loss.

The only time wearing a hat or cap consistently could potentially damage the hair is if it is extremely tight. If wearing it for long - or even short - periods of time causes discomfort and/or headaches then it is too tight which, whilst far less likely than genetics - the primary cause of common hair loss conditions such as male pattern baldness, may cause shedding.

Depending on how badly damaged the follicles become, the resulting effects on the hair can range from breakage - a cosmetic issue which can be easily corrected through intensive conditioning treatments and, of course, ditching the caps so that the follicles can recover - to a condition called Traction Alopecia. This is where the hair follicles become impaired due to the impact of this constant tension and hair can weaken and break around the source of this extra pressure. In the case of wearing too-tight caps, this is likely to be around where the band of the cap sits.

In both instances it is important to stop wearing caps or hats of any kind at the very least until your condition has cleared up. In the case of breakage there should be a fairly quick recovery period, however it can take longer to deal with Traction Alopecia, particularly around the hairline which is the slowest area on the scalp for hair growth.

Although once the cause of the excess pressure, in this case caps, has been removed the follicles should start to recover, it depends on the extent of the damage as to how long it will take to get back to normal. Treatment for Traction Alopecia can help to accelerate this process and Belgravia hair loss specialists recommend high strength minoxidil formulations for clients with this condition, often accompanied by appropriate boosters personalised to each individual's specific needs.

Another thing to consider if you wear caps regularly is that it is important to allow your hair and scalp time to breathe, not least because Vitamin D is essential for the proper function of the hair growth cycle.

If you are concerned that you are starting to lose your hair the best thing to do is to consult a hair loss specialist as they will be able to check you out and give you a professional diagnosis as well as bespoke treatment recommendations where appropriate.

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