Can Radiator Heat Damage Your Hair?

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A report in the Daily Mail has claimed that radiators are damaging hair in the winter, leaving it “lifeless”, “flat and dry”. According to the report, people in the UK are most likely to set their thermostat to 23 degrees, with some setting it as hot as 30 degrees. Although this is keeping people warm, can the high temperatures and dry air cause damage or hair loss ?

Can Radiators Cause Hair Damage?Can radiators damage hair?

The warm, dry environment caused by radiators and central heating can dry out hair, leaving it flat, brittle and fragile, especially when colder temperatures outside are taken into account. As a result, your hair could look lifeless and even break, if it becomes fragile enough.

However the good news is that central heating is unlikely to be causing lasting damage to your hair follicles. Any hair that breaks off is likely to eventually grow back when central heating is turned off in the summer. Those worried about the condition of their hair can consult a hair loss specialist to ensure that there isn’t any lasting damage to their hair or scalp and that they aren’t suffering from a hair loss condition.

Protecting hair in the winter monthsA Humidifier Can Help Your Hair During The Winter Months

To minimise the impact of cold weather and central heating in the winter months, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your hair. Look for products that keep your hair moisturised and protect it from the drying effects of central heating. By keeping your hair and scalp moisturised, you are increasing its resilience, which will help you to maintain a healthy head of hair throughout the winter months.

Another way to protect your hair from the effects of central heating is to invest in a humidifier. This will increase the humidity (or amount of moisture) in your home, while still allowing you to stay warm in cold weather.

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Posted by Belgravia Centre Writer

In this article: Hair Loss

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