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Can Microscopic Fibres Conceal Hair Loss?

NanogenNew products for treating or concealing hair loss are always coming on the market, and are eagerly purchased by millions of people suffering from hairloss conditions such as male pattern baldness. One of the latest to receive attention in the national press comes in a can, and is known as Nanofibres.

Made by hair loss company Nanogen, the product works by coating existing hairs with thousands of microscopic keratin fibres. These fibres cling to the users hair via static electricity, with the intention being that they will hide any hair loss and artificially give the hair extra volume and thickness.

The pepper pot style container of fibres is shaken above the hair to which it is to be applied, whereupon the fibres fall out onto the affected area. The manufacturers claim that the resulting effect is natural looking and designed to stay in place throughout the day, due to the electrostatic attraction that takes place between the artificial fibres and the individual’s real hair.

According to media reports, this method of concealing hairloss seems to be effective.

Hiding hair loss

But like many hair loss products, this new creation focuses on masking the symptoms of hair loss, rather than treating the cause. The product only works when there is some hair remaining that it can cling to, meaning that those suffering from full baldness will not benefit from using Nanofibres.

Furthermore, using such products to hide hair loss may work in the short term, but if the cause of the condition is left untreated then it will continue to be a problem, resulting in further bald patches and thinning hair.

Effective pharmaceutical treatments for hair loss

Thankfully there are a number of affordable and scientifically proven pharmaceutical treatments for hair loss available today.

Belgravia Products Male New LaserCombPropecia and Minoxidil are both licensed by the UK’s MHRA and approved by America’s FDA for the treatment of genetic hair loss, and, when used as part of a treatment programme, special forms of minoxidil can also be effective in treating other hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Areata.

At the Belgravia centre we utilise these proven hair loss treatments in combination with a tailored program of trichological monitoring and an array of ‘boosters’ designed to stabilise hair loss and enhance hair growth. These are all aimed at identifying the cause of the hair loss, treating it and then preventing it from reoccurring.

To find out more about hair loss treatments at the Belgravia Centre, contact us for a no-obligation consultation or fill out our online diagnostic form. Please browse our success stories to find examples of people who’ve experienced hair re-growth as a result of a Belgravia Centre treatment programme.

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