Can Infrared Pillow Cases Help Regrow Hair Loss?'

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Name: Carlton

Question: I read about these infrared pillow cases and sheets from Under Armour that are meant to improve recovery. I understand infrared is also used to treat hair loss so is it likely these pillows could help in to regrow hair loss?

Answer: Hi, Carlton. I have looked into the Under Armour Recover bed linen, which the company claims to be based around a "mineral-lined fabric [which] returns infrared energy to your body to restore your muscles faster" and it is certainly innovative!

I believe it is unlikely to have any 'treatment' effect on hair loss - as in, it is help to regrow hair - but it may, however, encourage relaxation. This can be good for helping to prevent shedding from stress-related hair loss.

There are different types of infrared and, whilst some have properties that are beneficial to hair growth, others will have little to no effect on this, whatsoever.

Each wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum has different properties.

The form of infrared used in hair growth supporting products is known as photobiomodulation or 'near infrared'. This is the visible red light type used in low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices, such as the FDA-cleared HairMax LaserBand, at a wavelength of 655nm. This has been shown to stimulate the hair follicles and the manufacturers advise it can strengthen the hair as well as promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss with on-going use, as directed.

electromagnetic spectrum scale - lllt infrared
Diagram of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Under Armour Recover pillowcases use far infrared (far IR) radiation; this usually has a slightly longer wavelength and is not the same as LLLT. Far IR radiation gives out warmth which relaxes muscles and soft tissue.

Infrared lamps using far IR do appear to give out red light but this is due to the red lightbulbs they tend to use, which emits visible red light. This is still different to the type of infrared used in LLLT. Pure Far infrared waves are not actually visible to humans, but they are thermal and just feel warm, it is also called “radiant heat”

At Belgravia we employ far IR lamps during certain clinical therapy sessions for clients who visit our hair loss clinics in person, this is for far IR's ability to increase blood circulation, which may bring more nutrient-rich blood to the dermal papilla. Good circulation is, of course, important for healthy hair growth but it cannot combat the effects of a medical hair loss condition, such as androgenetic alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness) for example.

The innovative products you have read about may certainly have benefits - such as those the company claims regarding assisting rest and recovery for fitness fans, but, in answer to your question as to whether the far IR technology used in the Under Armour Recover pillow cases can stimulate hair growth in order to regrow hair you have already lost, I would say there is not enough evidence to confirm whether this is one of them.

If you are looking for hair restoration options, taking a clinically-proven route involving one or both of the MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved hair loss treatments as part of a personalised course based on your diagnosis, level and pattern of shedding and medical profile would be a more reliable way to proceed.

The first step in this instance is to have a consultation, in person or online using a photo-upload tool, with a hair loss specialist who can assess and diagnose you, as well as providing tailored recommendations based on their findings.

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