Can Improving My Diet Prevent Hair Loss?

I am 27 years old and I’ve started to lose my hair. I’ve heard that improving my diet could stop any more hair falling out, but I don’t really know where to start. Is it true that eating badly causes hair loss?

Healthy food for hair lossHair loss

has a variety of different causes, from nutritional deficiencies, stress and illness to genetic predisposition. If you have started losing your hair, you should see a specialist as soon as possible to rule out serious illness, diagnose the underlying reason for your condition, and discuss a suitable course of treatment.

Improving your diet may help to boost the condition and vitality of your hair, although it is not likely to reverse any progressive hair loss condition without specialist treatment. Eating well can nourish the roots of the hair, encouraging healthy growth. Zinc, which is found in high protein foods such as meat, fish and eggs, boosts thyroid function, which is beneficial for brittle or thinning hair. Selenium, found in Brazil nuts, and biotin, found in soy, wholegrains and legumes, are also supportive to your hair’s health. If your diet is lacking in fresh vegetables, unrefined grains and healthy protein, you may wish to take a good quality multivitamin-multimineral complex to rule out any nutritional deficiencies. Thinning hair may indicate that your digestive system is not absorbing nutrients effectively, and taking probiotics can support digestive function.

A common cause of hair loss, especially in women, is anemia. Anemia is caused by a deficiency of iron levels in the body, so it is important to increase iron intake by taking a supplement or eating iron rich foods. You can find further information on avoiding anemia here.

The most common cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia, or genetic hair loss, which can affect both men and women. This is characterised by thinning on top of the head, and results from the action of DHT, a hormonal derivative of testosterone, on genetically predisposed hair follicles. Although androgenic alopecia is hereditary, there are clinically proven medications that can stabilise hair loss and promote regrowth.

The earlier you tackle hair loss, the more impressive the results are likely to be, so it’s well worth getting professional advice as soon as possible. The Belgravia Centre’s individually designed hair loss treatment courses are based around primary medications that are clinically proven to be safe and effective, as well as various hair growth boosters. You can look at some of our many hair loss success stories to see the excellent results we have achieved with our comprehensive treatment programmes.

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