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‘Can I Use Rosemary Oil with Minoxidil to Treat Hair Loss?’


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Name: Mary

Question: Hello, I’m having alopecia androgenetica. I’m female and my dermatologist asked me to use minoxidil 5% and to use it 3 times a week at least 4 hours before shampoo. Is it really effective if I use minoxidil this way? And I wanted to use rosemary oil for the rest of other day. Is it gonna be more effective for my hair growth like this way?

rosemary oil for hair loss

Answer: Hi, Mary.

The only medically proven treatment for androgenic alopecia in women – often better known as Female Pattern Hair Loss – is topical applications of minoxidil.

The dose and frequency of administration is often based on the patient’s medical history. Many female Belgravia patients who use minoxidil 5% formulations apply it twice daily, however, we do have exceptions and may ask the patient to apply this differently in some circumstances.

It is important that you discuss this with your dermatologist who can explain the reasons for this recommendation, as well as the expected prognosis from this MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved treatment with high strength minoxidil.

There is not enough clinical evidence on the efficacy of rosemary oil as a genetic hair loss treatment and, therefore, this is not something that we recommend.

If you see any benefit using it, it is usually safe to use. However, please bear in mind that there are a few medical contraindications with it (such as pregnancy, bleeding disorders, salicylate allergy, seizures) and, again, it is best to discuss with your dermatologist whether this is a suitable treatment for your hair loss.

Additionally, rosemary oil may occasionally irritate the skin and you should be careful when using it alongside topical medication, including your current minoxidil hair loss solution.

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