Can I Use Onion Juice As Well As Minoxidil To Treat Hair Loss?'

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Name: Angel

Question: I'm using Minoxidil, can I use onion juice in week 2 times or that can make problems? Using minoxidil but I'm losing more hairs and I am scared, that's why I want to use onion juice

Answer: Hi, Angel. Firstly, it's important you understand that onion juice cannot treat hair loss. This is simply one of many myths relating to hair growth and treating thinning hair which, thanks to the internet, continues to be circulated despite the fact that it is untrue.

Chopping onionsThere is no reliable scientific evidence to suggest onions treat hair loss in any form, whether it is the juice, a paste or by applying slices of onion to the scalp. This rumour may possibly be based on the fact that onions contain sulphur, which can be beneficial to hair strength and, when there is a lack of sulphur it may contribute to brittle hair which can look thin. However, this refers to sulphur in the diet - consumed via normal food sources, including onions, garlic and kale - rather than applying it directly to the head.

Based on this information, we would not recommend applying onion juice to your scalp. It is a smelly and unpleasant process with no proven benefits. You may wish to include onions in your diet, or generally pay attention to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet in order to ensure your hair is getting the maximum nutritional support available. Some people also top up with additional food supplements, such as Hair Vitalics, though these are not designed to replace a healthy diet.

With regards your using minoxidil we understand that you are not a patient of Belgravia so we do not know what it is precisely that you are using nor which hair loss condition you are using it to treat. With that in mind we can give you the following general advice and recommend speaking with your minoxidil provider for personalised information relating specifically to your individual situation.

When you first start using minoxidil you may notice extra hair fall becomes apparent within the first few months. This does not happen to everyone using hair loss treatment and the intensity of the shedding can also vary from person to person - some may barely notice it whilst others may feel they are experiencing significantly elevated levels of hairloss. The thing to bear in mind is that this initial shedding is entirely normal.

Specialists at Belgravia always warn clients using high strength minoxidil that this may happen and explain the reasons why. Namely, this is because minoxidil stimulates the hair follicles which, in turn, start to produce new hairs which gradually push out the old, finer, thinning hairs. This shedding period can be a sign that the treatment is working and is generally nothing to worry about. However, if you are concerned or if the hair fall continues for more than a few weeks, we recommend speaking to whomever you bought your minoxidil from, or visiting another hair loss clinic for a second opinion.

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