fbpx Can I use my husband’s minoxidil 5%?
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Can I use my husband’s minoxidil 5%?


Name: Nanette

Question: Can I use my husband’s minoxidil 5%? He had an allergy and so has stopped using it. Now I’m noticing that my hair is thinning.

Answer: You should never use a medication that is not prescribed for you since it may not be suitable. We do not as a norm recommend the 5% strength to women, as we usually use the 4% strength and then consider the minoxidil 5% strength after six months if the lower dose turns out to be ineffective. Your husband also reacted to the product, so we do not know if the solution has been contaminated in the first place. There are many potential causes for women’s hair loss, from nutritional deficiency to hormonal changes as well as genetic predisposition, so it’s best that you see a specialist and have some blood tests done to rule out certain potential causes before a hair loss treatment course is decided on.



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