Can I Use My Facial Dermaroller for My Hair Loss?'

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Name: Audrey

Question: I have a facial dermaroller which I use as part of my skincare routine. I have noticed thinning hair around my temples and generally my hair feels not as thick as it used to. I understand from reading hair loss forums that dermarolling before using hair loss treatment can help the medication to work better so can I use my facial dermaroller on my scalp, even if I just try it on my temples where it's easiest to get to?

Answer: Hi, Audrey. Essentially there is no difference between a facial dermaroller and one that can be used on the scalp - they are the same tool.

Women's hair loss thinning hair thin hair less volume

However, in order to ensure the transfer of bacteria is minimised - and, therefore, help to reduce the risk of infection - the dermaroller should always be kept clean and sterilised after each use. So, once it has been used on the face it should be properly cleaned and sterilised before it is used anywhere on the scalp, and this process should be repeated again after you have used it on the areas of your head with hair loss.

However, there is currently little scientific evidence to prove that microneedling using a dermaroller, or other microneedling device, actually does enhance the performance of high strength minoxidil - the topical hair loss solution used to treat thinning hair in women.

This medication is already formulated to have the optimal absorption rate and, as long as the application advice is followed properly, this should be all you need to get the best results from your treatment. There are additional non-invasive elements you could consider if you want to try giving your hair growth a 'boost', such as using an FDA-cleared low level laser therapy (LLLT) device to stimulate the follicles, such as the HairMax LaserBand.

If you want to address your hair loss, the first step we would recommend is to get a professional diagnosis of your condition. After all, there are numerous different women's hair loss conditions that can cause thinning hair and a drop in volume.

The most common, Female Pattern Hair Loss, is a permanent, progressive genetic condition for which there are clinically-proven treatment options, and various hair growth supporting products that can be used alongside the topical medications.

This causes a drop in hair density and thinning hair, due to a process called follicular miniaturisation, along the top of the scalp, from hairline and temples to crown.

Other reasons for hair fall include Telogen Effluvium and Chronic Telogen Effluvium, both of which are temporary issues which present approximately three months after being triggered and cause thinning hair all over the scalp. Although normal hair growth should resume naturally, there are also hair loss treatment options for these conditions, too.

Another issue worth considering, as you specifically mention hair loss at your temples, is Traction Alopecia. This is caused by repeatedly wearing tight hairstyles - not just braids or hair extensions or weaves, but also common styles such as a high ponytail or taut bun.

The strain these hairstyles place on the scalp damages the follicles, leading to hairloss, hair breakage, which can cause hair to look dull, thin and frazzled, and receding at the temples as the hairline bears the brunt of this tension.

A combination of wearing the hair naturally, allowing the scalp and follicles to recover and, where appropriate, following a Traction Alopecia treatment course, can often help to restore healthy hair growth in mild to moderate cases. However, if the follicles have been severely damaged, the result may be permanent baldness in the affected areas.

Even if you choose to 'go it alone' with your own hair regrowth regimen, we would certainly advise you first visit a reputable hair loss clinic for a diagnosis and advice before starting this, so you can make a fully-informed decision as to which treatments are best for you, that you feel confident in and comfortable with.

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