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‘Can I Use Minoxidil if I Have Low Blood Pressure?’


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Name: Henry

Question: I have low blood pressure, does that mean I cannot use minoxidil?

Answer: Hi Henry. People with low blood pressure are allowed to use minoxidil, however, there is a cut-off point so it depends how low your blood pressure is.

Can You Use Hair Loss Treatments if You Have Low Blood Pressure?The cut-off point is 90/60 (6) and if you visit Belgravia, your blood pressure will be taken as part of the initial consultation. If you would like to be a home-use client, we would ask that you have your blood pressure taken by a healthcare professional and provide us with the results.

This information is important for providing the most accurate recommendations as to the most suitable male hair loss treatment course for you. This can be individually tailored to include a variety of hair growth boosters as well as minoxidil.

All Belgravia clients are allocated a dedicated Treatment Advisor who will provide support and advice throughout your course. During treatment your blood pressure should be monitored as usual – this can be done at either of our Central London clinics if you are local. If you note a further drop in blood pressure, you should contact your treatment advisor straight away and discontinue use of the minoxidil. Any other changes to your health should also be reported to your advisor who can ensure you are on the most appropriate and effective plan at all times.

If you would like personalised information based on your specific medical profile, please contact the clinic to arrange a free hair loss consultation, or, if you are based outside London or the UK, you can complete our Online Consultation.

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