Can I Use Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment Around My Baby Daughter?'

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Name: Mark

Question: I have an 18 month old baby daughter and am wary of using minoxidil around her. If I wash the application area, does it remove all traces of the drug? Or could I sweat it onto her? I want to ensure she will not be in anyway affected by my hair loss treatment.

Answer: Hi, Mark. I completely understand your concern about using high strength minoxidil around your 18 month old baby.

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All traces of the Male Pattern Hair Loss drug are washed off the scalp when you shampoo, and your sweat is unlikely to contain any minoxidil residue so it should not be a concern if your baby touches your sweat.

There may indeed be a chance that she could come into contact with some minoxidil residue in other ways, though. For instance if you are cuddling her, if she happens to grab hold of your hair or if her face makes contact with trace residue.

This type of contact is generally harmless, however, a baby’s skin is quite sensitive. Ensuring good hygiene practices with regards your hair loss treatment will help to prevent this from happening; these include:

- washing your hands thoroughly after each minoxidil application;

- washing your hair daily or at least every other day;

- apply minoxidil at least one hour before going to bed to allow it time to absorb and minimise any transference to your pillows or bed sheets;

- not letting your baby lie on your pillow(s);

- washing your pillow cases regularly and changing them daily if your child is likely to come into contact with them. This may also apply to sheets or duvet covers if they are likely to come into significant contact with your scalp soon after you apply your hair loss solution;

- ensure your minoxidil is kept safely out of the reach of your daughter.

Hopefully this information reassures you and gives you some helpful pointers. If you are concerned that your daughter has come into contact with any minoxidil - or topical medication of any kind - it is advisable to wash the area immediately and seek medical assistance as a precaution.

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