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‘Can I Use Minoxidil and Finasteride Before Hair Loss is Visible?’

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Name: Sean

Question: Hi I’m in my mid 20s and have begun to use minoxidil prophylactically as my dad is bald and 2 older brothers are balding. I have zero hair loss but would like to add propecia. The purpose for this is to prevent the need for a transplant, preferably indefinitely.Is that possible?


Just because your brothers have male pattern hair loss does not necessarily mean that you will

Answer: Hi, Sean. Preventing hair loss by using treatment before you develop any signs of male pattern baldness is a fairly unusual approach. It is also potentially unnecessary; although genetic hair loss is hereditary, it does not necessarily affect every member of the family.

We receive many queries from men whose brothers and fathers have no hairloss but they have a receding hairline or thinning hair. Whilst it is likely that you are a carrier of the relevant genes for androgenetic alopecia, these have to be active for balding to actually occur – and sometimes they can remain dormant, hence how hair loss may appear to ‘skip’ a generation.

Whilst treating hair loss early on can often provide superior results, we would not necessarily recommend you waste your time and money on preventing baldness before you know if you are actually affected. It is likely that you will be – but not certain.

What we would advise is to monitor your hair over time, looking for any excessive shedding, drop in the general thickness or receding.  You can do this yourself or have a consultation at a hair loss clinic who can keep photos on file for you for a specific period of time – then, if you start to develop signs of hair loss, that would be the time to seek help. This, rather than before a confirmed diagnosis, would be the optimum time to start a personalised programme designed to stabilise hair fall and promote regrowth. A specialist would be able to recommend a bespoke hair loss treatment course tailored to your specific pattern of shedding and medical suitability.

Then you could start a combination course involving both the clinically-proven male hair loss treatments, minoxidil and finasteride 1mg, as well as additional hair growth boosters as appropriate. Finasteride 1mg is the medication often referred to as Propecia as this was the DHT blocker’s first brand name. Since the manufacturer’s patent expired it is now available from a number of different brands. As you are over 18 years of age you may be eligible to use this one-a-day tablet, however at Belgravia a hair loss specialist would assess your medical suitability before prescribing this medication to ensure suitability. They would take you through the most effective treatment recommendations for your needs, including discussing the option to use finasteride and the various solutions of high strength minoxidil formulations available.

If you are particularly concerned then a consultation – either at one of our Central London or City of London hair loss clinics, or online if you are based elsewhere in the UK or abroad – so you can talk directly to a specialist may be useful, even just to put your mind at rest.

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The Belgravia Centre is the leader in hair loss treatment in the UK, with two clinics based in Central London. If you are worried about hair loss you can arrange a free consultation with a hair loss expert or complete our Online Consultation Form from anywhere in the UK or the rest of the world. View our Hair Loss Success Stories, which are the largest collection of such success stories in the world and demonstrate the levels of success that so many of Belgravia’s patients achieve. You can also phone 020 7730 6666 any time for our hair loss helpline or to arrange a free consultation.

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