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‘Can I Use Male Hair Loss Treatment at Age 80?’

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Name: Alexander

Question: I have a question…….. does age have a decisive factor?? I am about to turn 80…….. i’ve had two lots of transplants in 2003 and 2005 and these are still active but the surrounds need some attention.

Answer: Hi, Alexander. When it comes to male pattern hair loss, age does play something of a part.

Can I Use Hair Loss Treatment Aged 60+?Ageing is not the most important factor when it comes to the time during a man’s life that he starts to lose his hair, this is to do with a genetic predisposition and, for those who are prone to hereditary shedding, hair loss can strike any time following puberty although some men may retain a good density of hair well into their 60’s and start to lose their hair later in life.

When it comes to treatment, however, age is a factor in determining whether a person is suitable or not.

Over-the-counter treatments such as Regaine often state that they are only suitable for men up to 65 years of age, presumably because this is the age to which they have researched their treatment’s efficacy. As such, whether it works beyond this age or not is hard to confirm. Whether those men who are over 65 years of age would be more prone to side effects is also currently unknown.

At Belgravia, because we monitor our clients closely and take their medical and lifestyle backgrounds into account as well as providing on-going support whereby any concerns can be flagged and dealt with swiftly, we have an upper age limit of 70 years of age for new clients wanting male hair loss treatment.

We do have some men in their 70’s receiving treatment at Belgravia but this is because they are long-term clients whose stabilisation and regrowth we have supervised over the years. We continue to monitor them, making sure the their treatment goes well during the maintenance phase of their treatment with us, and are happy to do so as long everything is going well rather than abruptly stop treatment as soon as a client turns 70.

As you are above both the upper age limits outlined above, we recommend you speak to your GP or dermatologist. Although at Belgravia our cut-off is 70 years of age, there is actually currently no upper age limit on finasteride 1mg so this may be an option to you depending on your suitability, which your GP can assess for you.

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