Can I Use Hair Loss Treatment Whilst Wearing a Hair System?'

Posted by Leonora Doclis

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Name: Kimberly

Question: I have suffered from hair loss for some years now. My doctor was quite dismissive and offered me no real opportunity to try and get it treated. I resorted to having an Intralace hair system fitted.

To be fair, it has given me much more confidence but I have never felt 'natural' and I am increasingly worried about the effect this is having on my natural hair which seems to have changed completely now and I fear that I have lost more hair since starting this.

I'm reluctant to remove the system as I think my hair would look dreadful even after styling and colouring. Is there anything I can do to try and gradually strengthen it while still having the system fitted with the aim of eventually having it removed permanently?

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Answer: Hi, Kimberly. Hair systems can be effective ways of disguising thinning hair though, as you know, they do not address the underlying cause of the hair loss.

With regards to exploring different hair loss solutions, depending on the nature of your shedding, topical applications of high strength minoxidil may be a suitable treatment.

In order for it to be effective, you would need to apply minoxidil and it spread directly through the affected areas of the scalp. For example, in the case of Female Pattern Hair Loss this would be the top of the head, from the crown to the hairline and temples.

The areas being treated would also need to be accessed regularly - ideally every day to every other day for most hair types, or around once a week for Afro textured hair - for hair washing. This is important for the prevention of any build-up from the medication.

The same is applicable with regards to the use of hair growth supporting devices such as the FDA-cleared HairMax LaserBand. Whilst this type of non-pharmaceutical low-level laser device could be used to stimulate the follicles, it would require the removal of the hair system three times per week so the scalp can be properly accessed.

Hair supplements such as Hair Vitalics for Women can be taken alongside having a hair system fitted. They contain a range of nutritional elements known to support the function of healthy hair growth, however they are not a hair loss treatment.

The best thing we can advise is for you to have a consultation where a dedicated hair loss specialist can see your scalp with the system in, and - if possible - without it. They can then make an assessment and provide you with their recommendations once they have seen exactly what the situation is. This can be done in person at a hair loss clinic, or online using a photo upload tool.

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Posted by Leonora Doclis

In this article: Hair Loss

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