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‘Can I Use Hair Loss Treatment Whilst on Aromatase Inhibitors?’


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Name: Jill

Question: I have just started Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer & am using cold capping. After the Chemo I will be starting on Aromatase Inhibitors. I understand that I am likely to experience hair loss & thinning whilst on the Aromatase Inhibitors. Are there any medications that I could be taking now or in the future which would help with this please?

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Answer: Hi, Jill. Using a cold cap is a great way to help prevent hair loss during chemo, though you are right to prepare yourself for the potential of losing some hair as scalp cooling systems may simply minimise shedding, rather than prevent it entirely.

Belgravia does not offer hair loss treatment services to anyone whilst they are undergoing chemotherapy.

However, once their cancer treatment has been completed, and maintenance on Aromatase Inhibitors has been initiated, this may be possible.

Following a professional consultation, either online or in person with a hair loss specialist, treatment recommendations will be made based on your level of shedding and your specific medical profile.

The aims of these options will be to help regrow hair lost during chemotherapy, and/or to help improve the thickness and density of thinning hair.

In many cases hair regrowth will occur naturally, with the hair being pretty much back to normal within 12 months of the last chemotherapy session. There may be some changes to how the hair looked beforehand – such as changes in texure or colour – but these tend to be temporary.

Before initiating any treatment your oncologist would need to provide your dedicated hair specialist with proper written confirmation that they are happy with the hair loss solutions you have chosen, and that they are suitable for you to use alongside your oncology treatment.

We wish you the very best of luck with your forthcoming treatment and if you have any further queries on this subject, do just let us know.

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