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‘Can I Use Hair Loss Treatment if I Have Hyperhidrosis?’


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Name: Jean

sweaty scalp sweating hyperhidrosis scalp conditionQuestion: Hi. I have hyperhidrosis so I have a really sweaty scalp, I’m worried that it means I won’t be able to use hair loss treatments. Please advise.

Answer: Hi, Jean. A couple of points before we answer your question…

Firstly, we will assume that your hyperhidrosis has been medically diagnosed for the purposes of answering your query, but if it hasn’t, we recommend seeing a doctor about this. There can be a number of reasons for a sweaty scalp and they may also be able to offer you treatment solutions.

Secondly, you don’t mention the hair loss condition you are experiencing or give a description of the type of shedding, so we will give you a general response but for personalised information it is best to have a private consultation, either in person or online, with a hair specialist.

We are unaware of any contraindications that suggests people with hyperhidrosis cannot use hair loss treatments on a medical basis. However, as you might expect, due to the scalp regularly being moist-to-wet there can be issues with the use of topical hair loss solutions.

Currently there are only two MHRA licensed and FDA approved treatments for genetic hairloss; one is topical (high strength minoxidil), the other comes in a tablet form and is only suitable for men (finasteride 1mg). Anyone with hyperhidrosis using the former should be sure to apply minoxidil daily at the time when their scalp is at its driest. Applying when the scalp is wet – whether from sweat or water – can compromise its effectiveness by diluting the medication. Therefore, if your scalp is permanently damp, this topical approach may not be as successful for you.

There are other options you can try, however, if you find yourself unable to use minoxidil. These include low-level laser therapy (LLLT) which can be self-administered at home, a few times per week and helps to stimulate the hair follicles.

Whether LLLT devices such as the FDA-cleared HairMax LaserComb are suitable for you specifically, based on your medical profile and type of hair loss, can be addressed via a consultation with a specialist. They can discuss your conditions, pattern and level of shedding and formulate appropriate treatment recommendations based on this information.

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