Can I Use Hair Loss Treatment After Chemotherapy?'

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Question: Hi I have loss due to chemotherapy will regrain be of any use to me? thank you, linda

Answer: Hi, Linda. Hair loss from chemotherapy usually corrects itself and can take around a year following treatment to regrow fully.

Although minoxidil hair loss treatments may help to accelerate this regrowth process, you should first ask your Oncologist whether this is suitable.

At Belgravia, our experts always refer anyone with cancer-related hair loss back to their consultants prior to starting any course comprising minoxidil formulations. Even though Regaine is available over-the-counter, this approach is still strongly advised in order to ensure you are medically suitable for hair loss treatment.

If you are in any doubt, once you have your oncologist's advice, you can seek further help from a hair loss specialist who can discuss your options with you based on the information your oncologist has provided. This can be done either in person or online, depending on your location, and - if your oncologist is happy for you to proceed - a bespoke treatment plan can be tailored to your precise needs and sent out to you.

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