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‘Can I Use Conditioner or Hair Masks When Using Minoxidil?’


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Shampoo shower hair wash advice waterName: Indrani

Question: Çan I use hair mask or conditioner while using minoxidil? Do I need to shampoo everyday or washing with plain water suffice? Will applying conditioner or hair mask decrease the effectiveness of minoxidil?

Answer: Hi, Indrani. You can indeed use hair masks and conditioner, as needed, when undergoing treatment for hair loss. It is crucial to get the order of products and timing right, however.

We would normally advise you to wash your hair with shampoo every day or every other day in order to keep the scalp clean and to prevent potential residue build-up on the scalp from the minoxidil. It is fine to follow this by applying conditioner or a hair mask, as you would normally. It is inadvisable to use minoxidil at the exact same time as using a rinse-off product, however.

The only aspect which is different from before starting hair loss treatment is that you will need to apply your minoxidil after washing and drying your hair.

At Belgravia we always advise clients using high strength minoxidil of the importance of making sure the scalp is not wet when applying medication. It may be slightly damp, but dry is preferable in order for minoxidil to be effective.

It is also vital to apply minoxidil after washing your hair, rather than before, so that the drug has sufficient time to absorb into the skin.

As long as you follow the instructions outlined above, whether or not you use conditioning products on your hair should have no bearing on the efficacy of your treatment. If you have any further queries on this, if you are a Belgravia client you are welcome to contact your dedicated hair loss specialist for support whenever needed. If not, then we recommend you contact your minoxidil provider.

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