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‘Can I Use A Hairdryer When Using Hair Loss Treatment?’


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Name: Arshiya

Question: I’m using topical hair loss treatment 2% from a week and I know from here and my dermatologist to use this for 3 months at least to see fine results… so actually my question is can I use a hair dryer to dry my hair after every wash? and can I put my hair in a bun all day long? I have heard that these two can make our hair fall faster..

bun tight hairstyles cause hair loss traction alopeciaAnswer: Hi, Arshiya. As you are not a Belgravia client, your dermatologist should provide any specific advice relating to your personal condition. However, we can give you general advice regarding these hair loss queries which we hope will be helpful.

Even when using topical hair loss treatment it is fine to use a hairdryer, but only to dry your hair before you apply the solution. This should always be applied to a dry scalp and the hairdryer must not be used after application as the heat may cause the medication to evaporate rather than be absorbed into the scalp.

A top haircare tip for when drying your hair is to ensure you use a suitable heat setting; the hair should not be subjected to temperatures higher than 185 degrees Celsius. Researchers have found that hair can not only become brittle and dry when regularly subjected to high heat, but hair can actually melt.

In terms of wearing your hair in a bun all day, it depends on a number of factors but we wouldn’t recommend wearing the same tight hairstyle every day, especially if you are already concerned about thinning hair.

Pulling the hair up into styles which are tightly secured, such as buns and high ponytails, place additional strain on the hair follicles. When repeated regularly, this can weaken the follicles – leading to hairloss, with receding around the hairline and temples, from a condition called Traction Alopecia, as well as damaged hair that snaps – an issue known as hair breakage – at the points where the style is fixed. This can make the hair look dull, frizzy and thin.

Ideally you should switch your hairstyle up every few days – or more regularly if you prefer – in order to allow the follicles to rest, hopefully preventing hair loss related to your hair-styling choices from happening. Try to wear the hair down, alternatively sweep it back with a headband or tie it loosely in a low ponytail or plait if you are looking for kinder styles which still keep your hair out of your face.

If you do encounter hair breakage, using nourishing, strengthening haircare products at home can help, as can having your hair cut to chop off any split ends. Ensuring a good supply of nutrients via your diet and – if helpful – topping up via a dedicated hair growth supplement, such as Hair Vitalics for Women, may also prove beneficial. Traction Alopecia treatment is available but, given the condition is fully preventable, should not be necessary in your case as long as you are mindful of the advice provided.

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