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Can I Take Propecia with Other Medicines and Supplements?

Name: Anonymous

Question: Is it OK to take Propecia with other medicines and supplements (namely vitamin C 60mg and zinc 15mg) every day? If so, is it then also OK to take them at the same time as Propecia or should they be taken at different times of the day? And is it OK to take Propecia just before bed time (at night) or does it have to be taken during the day?

Thank you.

Propecia can be taken at the same time as other medications and supplementsAnswer: Propecia can be used alongside other supplements and medications (you should always double-check with your physician).

Propecia can be taken any time of the day, provided it is consumed roughly at the same time each day. Having a routine will encourage you to remember to take all your medicine and supplements, so if it’s easy for you to remember to take Propecia before you go to bed at night, taking the vitamin C and zinc at the same time will not be a problem.

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