Can I Take Hair Growth Supplements if I Have High Iron Levels?'

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Question: I have been diagnosed with the high iron hemochromatosis . I want to take a hair lose supplements to help get fuller hair. The product I ordered is call propidol hair lose supplement. Is this ok or does it add to my iron levels. PS on the bottle there is a warning stating to much iron can be fatal to young infants. Is this a warning that this product has a high amount of iron in it?

iron-levelsAnswer: Hi, Brad. As this is a medical issue rather than a hair loss one, we can't advise you on this, especially as you are not a Belgravia Centre client so we don't have medical information for you.

It is important you do not take any supplements with iron in until you have checked with your doctor. We do not supply or the supplement you mention - our clients tend to use our own proprietary brand: Hair Vitalics. As these contain iron, they are unsuitable for people with high iron levels - which is the case for people with haemochromatosis.

We highly recommend you speak to your doctor about whether or not the supplements you have ordered are suitable for you. If they contain any iron it is unlikely that you should take them but your doctor can discuss what is and is not suitable with you, based on your medical profile.

If you have thinning hair it could be solely caused, or worsened by your health issues. Whilst taking food supplements can improve the condition of your hair, it cannot treat a hair loss condition.

Illnesses or health problems can bring on a temporary condition called Telogen Effluvium which causes hair thinning all over the scalp. This is more prevalent in women but can affect men too. It tends to last for no more than six months and hair can regrow naturally or telogen effluvium treatment can help to speed this process up.

If you are susceptible to hereditary hair loss - Male Pattern Baldness - then the thinning is almost certainly due to your genetics. The shedding from this permanent condition can, however, be accelerated or even triggered by underlying health issues, including problems with your iron levels. This can often be dealt with by following a personalised male hair loss treatment course, featuring clinically-proven products.

A visit to a professional hair loss specialist is recommended as, in order to know how to get fuller hair, it is important to know what is causing the thinning in the first place.

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