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Can I take a testosterone booster with Propecia and minoxidil?

arm lifting weightsName: Derek

Question: I will be starting your programme as soon as I receive my package (I’m in the US) of 10% minoxidil cream and 8% liquid. I have been taking Propecia for a month. I enjoy lifting weights and was wondering if taking a supplement that is a natural testosterone booster is a bad idea?

Answer: Natural testosterone boosters do not contraindicate with your prescribed medications. Should your levels of testosterone elevate as a result of the booster, this simply means there is more testosterone to convert to DHT. That said more DHT does not necessarily mean more hair loss, based on the fact that the levels of DHT in men with hair loss all vary, and some men with higher levels of DHT than those experiencing hair loss may not even be troubled by it: it’s all down to genetics. The anti-androgens in the Propecia will help to combat the effect that the extra DHT could potentially have on your hair. All in all, it is not a bad idea.


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