Can I Regain the Hairline I Had When I Was a Kid?'

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Question: I have a widows peak when i was a kid is there any way to grow hair out of the temple area, altho it never grew any hair in that place ever since i was a kid.

Can I Grow Back the Same Hairline I Had When I Was a Kid?Answer: Hi, Jason. If you have not had hair grow around your temples since childhood it is unlikely that male hair loss treatments would bring this back. It suggests that how your hairline appears now is its natural shape.

During puberty, as we grow our face shape changes and the hairline can also change accordingly - this is known as a 'maturing hairline'. It is not receding or a sign of hair loss as there is no miniaturisation of the hair follicles (the cause of thinning from Male Pattern Baldness), it is simply your hairline adapting to this growth spurt. This could be why your younger Widow's Peak-shaped hairline may have changed shape.

If you are concerned about your hairline it could be worthwhile visiting a hair loss specialist who can determine if your hairline is naturally that shape or whether it has receded.

We find many men with a receding hairline respond well to treatments such as minoxidil, so if you are experiencing hair loss, there is a solution available. By way of example, you can view many images of Belgravia clients who have seen impressive regrowth following treatment in our Success Stories gallery.

A hair transplant could be an option if treatments are not suitable for regrowing hair around your temples. A hair loss specialist will be able to refer you to a highly respected surgeon if you would like to explore this.

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