Can I Mix Minoxidil Hair Loss Solution With Coconut Oil?'

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Question: Can I mix the minoxidil solution with coconut oil?

Answer: Hi, Mouli. No - any medication, including that provided to treat hair loss, must be used exactly as directed.

When applying minoxidil you must use it on its own, as you were instructed. For this particular form of hair loss treatment that will usually mean applying it directly to the scalp either once or twice per day in its original form, without mixing it with anything.

If you wish to use coconut oil as well, you may apply it to the ends and lengths of your hair at any time but if you are applying it to or near your scalp, you must allow the minoxidil to sink in for the appropriate amount of time first. As you are not a Belgravia client we are not sure which formulation you are using but we advise waiting for an absolute minimum of half an hour, but ideally an hour or as long as possible, before applying any products to the scalp.

Mixing haircare or scalp products such as coconut oil with minoxidil - either directly or by applying products before the minoxidil has been properly absorbed - may compromise its efficacy. So, in order to get the most from your hairloss treatment it is important to always follow the instructions and the recommendations of your specialist to the letter.

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