Can I Mix Finasteride Into a Paste and Apply it to My Scalp?'

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Name: Muhammad

Can I Mash Finasteride 1mg Tablets Into a Paste and Use in Head Massage?Question: hi can i use finasteride tablet mashed and mix it in oil and then use this in hair massage? If not, you suggest me a topical solution that works as DHT blocker?

Answer: Hi Muhammad, As per the manufacturers' advice, finasteride 1mg is an oral tablet for the treatment of male pattern hair loss, so you need to swallow it for it to take effect.

Applying it topically in any form will not work and, as with any medication, it is incredibly important to follow the accompanying usage directions on the patient information leaflet, which should always be included with the tablets.

If you did not receive this document, contact your treatment provider as soon as possible as it is vital that you read and understand this before starting any medication.

Minoxidil - which is a topical hair loss solution and the only other MHRA licensed and FDA approved hair loss treatment for Male Pattern Baldness, besides finasteride 1mg - may be of interest if you are not keen on an oral treatment.

Use of either or both of these clinically-proven topical and oral hair loss treatments can be complemented by supplementary hair growth supporting products.

It is likely to be worthwhile having a consultation with a hair loss specialist who will be able to discuss all the treatment options available with you and recommend a plan to suit.
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