Can I Get Treatment for Hair Loss Around Cut on Head?

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hair-pulling-trichotillomania-hair-lossName: Khloe

Question: I have a cut on the top of my head that I’ve been picking at and it is a scar but it is still an open wound. I pull hairs from around that spot and I have a huge bald spot. What are the best hair regrowth products to use for quick hair regrowth since I’ve been lessening pulling out my hair?

Answer: Hi, Khloe. Your hair loss cannot be treated whilst you still have an open wound on your scalp. You would need to wait until the cut has healed before any treatment could begin.

In the meantime it is important that you stop pulling your hair if you wish to regrow it. Hair loss treatment can only work in cases where the follicles are active and capable of producing hair. Hair cannot grow where there is scarring as the follicles no longer function in those areas.

Hair pulling and twisting is a sign of trichotillomania, a compulsive disorder, which you may wish to speak to your doctor about. There is support available to help you become 'pull-free', often in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), if you find it hard to stop by yourself.

Once the wound has healed, your scalp can be assessed by a hair loss specialist in order to determine your chances of regrowth and whether treatment may be beneficial. The hair should grow back naturally once you stop pulling and the wound has healed. If you want to take further proactive steps towards healthy hair growth you could look at ensuring your diet includes the optimum levels of hair-friendly nutrients, or you may like to supplement this with a highly-targeted nutritional support, such as Hair Vitalics for Women.

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