Can I Fly With Male Hair Loss Treatment in My Hand Luggage?'

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Name: Sam

Question: I'm going to Corfu on holiday, and want to fly with hand luggage only. Can I take my hair loss treatment in my carry on? I use finasteride and minoxidil.

Answer: Hi, Sam. Firstly, when planning on taking hair loss treatment on planes we would advise you to check with the airline(s) in question as they are responsible for their own policies in this regard, and these may differ from time to time and from airline to airline.

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Therefore, if you are flying there and back with separate airlines, you should check with both, unless you will finish your treatment whilst you are away and will not be bringing any back home after your holiday. If this is the case, do ensure you have your next supply waiting for you when you return so that there is no break in treatment for your hair loss.

When it comes to Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment you should treat this the same as you would carrying any other form of medication. Whilst it is generally fine to carry the finasteride 1mg tablets in your hand luggage, you should ensure they are in the original packaging, including the box. This is particularly important for prescription medications.

In order to carry high strength minoxidil in your hand luggage you will need to ensure it fits within the airline's carry-on liquids allowance. This applies regardless of what type of solution you use, given liquid guidelines also apply to foams, creams and gels.

As at 3rd September 2018, in the UK and European Union airlines require each liquid you carry to be in its own container of no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces) and you may carry up to a total of one litre (approximately one quart). These must be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) which are providede at most airports. You may be required to open the liquids during security screening.

It is worth noting that airlines will not allow liquids to be taken on board in containers larger than the limit, even if the actual contents are on or under this allowance. For example, you cannot take a 250ml bottle of shampoo on board, even if it only contains 90ml of shampoo, it must be decanted into a bottle or container that has a maximum volume of 100ml.

Generally you should be able to carry your topical and oral medication in your hand luggage within the EU without any problems. Sometimes you may require paperwork stating what the medications are and that they have been professionally prescribed for your sole use, when travelling outside the EU and, if you are a Belgravia client, your Treatment Advisor can arrange this, but this should not be necessary for Corfu. If you are not one of our patients and your topical solution is in a larger container than is permitted, you may be able to decant it if it is in a liquid form, otherwise this would need to be stored in the hold or purchased whilst you are abroad and left there when you return if bringing hold luggage is a problem.
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