Can I Call For a Hair Loss Consultation from Abroad?'

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Receding Hairline Treatment from Belgravia Sent to the USAName: 


Question: Hi, I tried to call for a consultation but I live in the U.S. And the call wouldn’t go thru. I have a receding hairline. The follicles that have receded are really miniture and black. Please contact me back. I’d like to order some high strength minoxidil.

Answer: Hi, Al. If you are calling Belgravia's London hair loss clinics from America you would need to add the UK country dialing code first and drop the first zero of our phone number, so the number you would call is: 44 20 7730 6666.

You are of course welcome to call, however, if you would like to explore becoming a Belgravia client and receiving high strength minoxidil treatment for a receding hairline the best thing to do is actually to complete our quick and easy Online Consultation.

Once you fill out this website form one of our hair loss specialists will contact you to discuss their professional recommendations and you can go from there, with your choice of male hair loss treatments as well as any additional hair growth boosters posted out to you, assuming you are deemed suitable for treatment.

I will ask one of our team to contact you via email but encourage you to complete the no-obligation consultation form in the meantime if this is something you are interested in, to get things moving.

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