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Q&A: Can I Be a Hair Donor for My Son’s Hair Loss?


Name: Tricia

There Is No Technology Yet That Allows for Hair Transplant Donation for Hair LossQuestion: My son of 35 yrs has lost his hair, which I think he might have inherited from his father. I, on the otherhand, come from a family of full headed hair. Is there any treatment possible that could help my son re-gain his such as transferring some of my hair modiculs into his scalp? He has lost confidence and self esteem and I would really like to help him if I can.

Answer: The technology of hair transplant donor does not exist. Existing hair transplantation procedures for hair loss involve the surgeon taking the hair from the healthy sides and back of the same person. This is why transplant is only possible in a limited area of hair loss.

We do not know the severity of your son’s hair loss. He may still benefit from the treatment that we offer. The general expectation is that he can keep whatever hair he has left with the chance of increasing hair count. Male pattern baldness often starts when a man is in his 20s or 30s and is the main cause of hair loss in men – if diagnosed early enough it can be successfully treated. It can be a highly distressing and embarrassing experience but rest assured we have a qualified team of experts who are used to seeing this kind of thing.

The Belgravia Centre can offer your son a free consultation with a hair loss specialist. To book an appointment at our London clinic, please call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre.

Another option is to suggest to your son to email a photo so we can give an accurate assessment on his chances. Submitting an online diagnostic form will also allow us to recommend a suitable treatment course.

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