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Can I Assume That My Condition Is Not Due To Genetics ?


confused woman hair loss geneticName: Rachael

Question: I want to ask a question about female pattern hair loss. I am experiencing hair thinning now. If I done a blood test and confirm that I don’t have hormone imbalance and other problems, can I assume that my condition is not due to genetics ? What I mean is, if there is no problems about my hormone level, is the reason of hair thinning not because of heritance ?

Answer: It is more likely that your hair loss is due to genetics if there are no medical conditions such as a hormone imbalance, particularly if the hair on the top of your scalp is thinner compared to the back and sides. Female pattern hair loss, which is the type of hair loss that you can have a genetic predisposition towards, can be treated effectively using minoxidil as part of a tailored hair loss treatment programme. Conversely, having a medical condition or imbalance does not necessarily explain hair loss. You can still have pattern hair loss aggravated by hormone imbalance, for example. I suggest you see a specialist for an examination to determine your type of hair loss.

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