Can I Apply Almond Oil to My Scalp After Applying Minoxidil?

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Question: About applying minoxidil - can I use almond oil after washing it?

Answer: Hi, Gourav. We're not quite sure what order you are planning to use these products in. For the purposes of answering this question we are assuming you are washing your hair, then adding your hair loss treatment and then then applying almond oil.

If you are applying minoxidil it should ideally be used on a dry scalp and will need sufficient time to absorp properly before anything else is applied to the scalp. We recommend washing your hair first, then applying the minoxidil; allow one hour for this to sink into the scalp before, finally, using the almond oil on your scalp.

You can use almond oil on the lengths of your hair at any point after washing it and before or after your minoxidil as it is not near or touching the scalp. It can be best for people experiencing hair loss not to apply the oil to your roots though as doing so can make the hair look thinner and lank or greasy.

So, in summary, if you do wish to use almond oil on your scalp, minoxidil should be applied directly to your scalp before the oil and left for an hour to sink in, otherwise proper absorption of the treatment may be affected by the oil. If you are only using it on the lengths of your hair and it is not touching or near the scalp, you are fine to use it before or after your minoxidil as the two should not come into contact.

You may find our page regarding Frequently Asked Questions About Using Minoxidil useful as this contains further information regarding the use of a number of hair care and hair styling products, including which order they should be used in and how long the minoxidil will need to be left on for in between the various applications.

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