Can Hemp Oil Shampoo Combat Hair Loss from Smoking Weed?'

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Hemp Oil Shampoo for Hair LossName: Oscar
Question: So nice to see an active forum on this issue of weed and hair loss. There is a definite link between smoking and hair loss, for SOME people anyway.
I started smoking regularly the start of 2015, and around August of the same year, I started noticing rapid thinning of my hair and hair loss. I thought weed was the greatest thing ever and I constantly convinced myself it had cured my depression and social anxiety and everything else, so it took me all of 6 months to slow down and eventually quit it.
After this, I noticed my hair loss slowing down, and also the depression starting to creep back in. Regarding my hair, 5 months later, my hair and skin feel A WHOLE LOT better, but I haven't noticed any hair regrowth yet?
Regarding the depression, there was no way I was going back to weed so I remembered this one quote Bob Marley made: “Weed let ya mind meditate”. So what the heck I turned to meditation. This opened up a WHOLE new world for me, I had no idea meditation could have this effect on a persons life. After 6 months of meditating 20 minutes a day, I am free of ALL anxiety and depression. Even my hair loss and bald patches are not a big life crisis any more like I used to think when it was falling out, hair regrowth would be nice, but if not that's ok too.
Also, after a lot of research, I found something called Hemp Oil Shampoo, which has the active ingredient CDB in it derived from the cannabis plant. Apparently this could have benefits in working as an antagonist against the THC, the thing in weed that actually causes the hair loss.
Answer: Hi, Oscar. Thanks for adding your thoughts and story to this discussion on our blog. In terms of hemp oil shampoo benefiting hair loss from smoking weed, this is highly unlikely.
Hair Vitalics for men hair growth supplement from The Belgravia Centre LondonThere are a few studies into cannabis use and hair loss, although they are not particularly conclusive, claiming that THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol), the active substance in marijuana, can be found in the hair shafts of those who consume cannabis, and that this may inhibit the elongation of the hair shaft. This means that it can make the hair shaft grow less hair strands, a sign typical in cases of diffuse hair loss, also known as chronic telogen effluvium, which causes all-over hair thinning.
Consuming marijuana causes stress to the body; as such it may trigger anxiety, insomnia, withdrawal symptoms, etc . These symptoms are enough to trigger hair loss, again, usually in the form of diffuse hair loss which can start to present around three months after the initial problem occurred. Although this condition tends to be temporary, lasting a minimum of six months, it can also spark or exacerbate genetic hair loss - including Male Pattern Baldness - in those with an existing predisposition to this hereditary condition.
Regarding hemp seed oil, there is no THC within the hempseeds but small traces of THC may be found in the oil due to the manufacturing process.  The oil itself contains many essential fatty acids and is a good moisturiser with anti-inflammatory properties; it can also relieve mild irritations and itchiness. It is unlikely that hemp seed oil shampoo is sufficiently potent to be used to counteract any form of hair loss - giving up using cannabis is likely to have the biggest impact on your hair's health.
In order for the hair to recover properly from any hair loss caused by smoking weed, the underlying issue needs to be addressed - in this case stopping smoking. Within a few months the hair should start to return to its usual condition, and specially targeted botanical hair health food supplements, such as Hair Vitalics, can be taken daily to encourage normal healthy hair growth to boost its strength and vitality, naturally.
However, if - as in your case - you are still experiencing thinning five months after giving up, it is likely to be down to male pattern hair loss. This cannot be treated with any kind of shampoo, but there are clinically-proven hair loss treatments which can produce significant results by helping to halt further shedding and promote regrowth. A specialist will be able to diagnose your specific condition - or conditions as it is possible to have diffuse hair loss alongside male pattern baldness which would intensify the thinning - and provide you with a plan of action including personalised treatment recommendations.
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