Can Hair Loss Treatment Cause Acne?'

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Name: Christian

Question: I started using fin and minox from the chemist three months ago and now I have acne. Is it from the treatments and will it go away or do I have to stop using them?

Answer: Hi, Christian. Firstly, as you are not a Belgravia client we would recommend checking directly with your medication provider. This is because they should know more about the precise products you are using and your medical profile.

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Our general advice, however, is that acne is not a listed side effect for either finasteride 1mg or topical minoxidil. You can check the listed known adverse events on the patient information leaflets which should come with your medications, or can be provided by the pharmacist you purchased them from.

People do respond differently to treatments though, so, if you think your hair loss products may be causing acne, it may be a good idea to stop the treatment for a while and see if your skin condition improves.

If the acne gets better, you may restart your treatments one at a time and note if the acne returns.

Should stopping hair loss treatment have no effect on your acne, there is most likely another cause behind it and you should contact your GP.

Tell them of any medications - oral or topical - and food supplements you are using during your appointment so that they can make a full assessment.

There are many potential causes of acne, including genetics, and your GP should be able to help you establish the reason behind your skin condition, and advise you on how best to clear these spots up.

We have assumed that the acne you refer to is on your face and/or body; if it is on your scalp, we recommend seeing a hair specialist for a consultation in addition to taking the above steps.

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