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‘Can Going Vegan Increase My Chances of Hair Loss?’

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Name: Sara

Question: I am currently vegetarian and am thinking of cutting my dairy intake and following a purely plant-based vegan diet. Can going vegan increase my chance of hair loss? My hair is thinning slightly at the temples which I believe is genetic but I wondered if I no longer eat things like eggs, will it make my hair loss worse?

Will Going Vegan Cause Hair Loss?Answer: Hi Sara. Veganism is a big health trend at the moment and, as you are vegetarian already, this should be a fairly easy transition for you diet-wise. However, you are right that by cutting out dairy products from your diet, you can end up lacking in certain nutrients which are necessary for healthy hair.

Not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss from a temporary condition called Telogen Effluvium. This leads to the hair shedding from all over the scalp, making it appear thinner, but generally lasts no longer than 12 months.

Despite being a temporary condition, it can, however, trigger or exacerbate Female Pattern Hair Loss in those with a genetic sensitivity. So, as you mention you may already be showing signs of this, it would be wise to take advice as to your specific condition from a hair loss specialist before making any changes to your diet.

The main area of concern with regards potential dietary deficiencies from a vegan diet which could impact your hair, is protein.

Protein is necessary for healthy hair as it keeps it strong and in good condition. It is formed from amino acids which most people get from meat or fish. Vegetarians can get these from dairy products but vegans can have trouble packing enough protein into their diet.

Rich sources of vegan protein include quinoa, pulses, soy and tofu, but it can also be found in lesser amounts in dark green vegetables such as kale. Whilst it is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet, taking a dietary supplement can ensure your nutrients levels are kept topped up. Belgravia Hair Vitalics are suitable for vegetarians but do contain lactose which is derived from cows milk so whether you want to take these depends on how strict a vegan you are.

Whilst this will help with the condition of your hair and to maintain its strength, thinning hair caused by androgenic alopecia cannot be cured through vitamins and minerals. There are women’s hair loss treatments available which have produced significant regrowth results in many Belgravia clients and a specialist will be able to advise you as to the most effective course for your condition.

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