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Can Going To The Gym Prevent Baldness?


One of the most common questions asked by men keen to avoid hair loss is – can going to the gym prevent baldness? Here are some points to consider that will help you answer this question:

Can Going to the Gym Help Prevent Hair Loss?Better overall health

Regular exercise is key to maintaining good circulation and a healthy heart. Unrestricted blood flow to the scalp is crucial to delivering the nutrients used by your follicles to promote new hair growth. If the blood flow is restricted or reduced, these crucial nutrients are not delivered to the scalp and hair health is badly affected.

Better diet

As part of a good gym-based exercise regime, men (and women) should also improve their diet. Less saturated fat, more fresh vegetables and a proper balance of vitamins and minerals ensures that the correct nutrients for healthy hair growth are delivered to the scalp.

Better stress management

Exercise is known to reduce stress, believed to be a trigger for several hair loss conditions including Telogen Effluvium. A few trips to gym each week can help reduce blood pressure, stress hormone levels and increase the release of endorphins which help people feel better about themselves.

So does going to the gym really help?

For all these benefits, the reality is that going to the gym cannot prevent genetic baldness. What it can help to do, however, is keep the hair as healthy as possible, and guard against some forms of lifestyle-related hair loss.

Exercise is incredibly important for general health, so men worried about baldness should certainly not abandon a healthy exercise regime which may include regular gym workouts. Instead, they should seek a consultation with a hair loss expert who will be able to create a tailored treatment programme to stimulate natural hair regrowth alongside a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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