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Can Eggs Help to Prevent Baldness?

Egg The Belgravia CentreLabour leader Ed Miliband was recently hit on the head by an egg during a campaign visit to East Street market in South London, raising an interesting question: Can eggs help regrow hair?

Protein rich

The high protein content of eggs has long been believed to help with hair health, helping to provide the chemical building blocks required for growth. Around 70% of hair is composed of the protein keratin which needs to be maintained for hair growth.

Chicken eggs contain between 3 to 6.5g of protein, and the runny nature makes them useful as a lotion. Applying beaten eggs to the hair can be used as a protein-rich conditioner that can improve hair strength. When applied directly to the hair, the protein in the egg fills weakened points in each strand of hair, helping to increase strength temporarily.

Eggs are also a good source of sulphur and other key minerals used by the body in the production of hair. Dieticians often suggest including eggs as part of a healthy diet to promote general wellbeing and hair health.

Not so much hair regrowth as hair health

Although eggs can help strengthen existing hair, or provide some of the nutritional ingredients required for healthy growth, there is no indication that chicken eggs can actually encourage regrowth. For men and women who are experiencing hair loss, the alternative is to seek a medical alternative with proven hair regrowth qualities.

More than just protein

Although protein is critical to healthy hair growth, there are other factors involved with encouraging regrowth where hair has fallen out. Blood flow to the scalp for instance ensures that nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles, and hormones also play a significant role in boosting or inhibiting follicle activity.

All of the custom hair loss treatment plans developed by The Belgravia Centre use a combination of medications, dietary supplements and Hair Growth Boosters designed to address every aspect of hair growth that are tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. Eggs and protein may have a positive impact on overall hair health, but it is clinically proven medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia that are often prescribed as part of a holistic hair regrowth treatment plan.

The good news for Ed Miliband is that he is not yet showing any signs of significant hair loss, so does not yet require any medical intervention. Were Ed relying on eggs for maintaining his hairline however, he would need to be pelted on a far more frequent basis! In the event Ed does start to experience male hair loss (as around 45% of men his age will), he should seek professional advice as soon as possible.

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