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‘Can Dermarolling Cause a Receding Hairline?’


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Name: Jase

Question: I have early stage Male Pattern Baldness and I’ve been using Regaine foam twice per day for six months and started using a dermaroller as well around three months ago. Now my hairline is receding worse than before. Could the dermaroller be the cause?

Answer: Hi, Jase. We would need more information and to have a specialist assess your receding hairline and scalp in general, to give a confirmed response.

The hair loss you describe could be getting worse for a number of reasons, though as the shedding is concentrated around your hairline, it is unlikely to be linked to your using a dermaroller.

Possible causes include incorrect use of your medication (not applying it diligently as per the instructions), Regaine foam not being the best hair loss treatment for you, or external lifestyle factors, such as stress, an underlying illness, new medication or dietary concerns causing additional hair fall.


Furthermore, normal changes in the hair growth cycle can cause temporary periods of increased shedding.

With regards to dermarolling, also known as microneedling, despite its growing popularity, there is not enough clinical evidence available to prove whether this type of therapy can improve either hair growth or the penetration of minoxidil.

Minoxidil hair loss solutions are, in fact, already made to provide good topical absorption rates so, in this respect, dermarolling is unnecessary.

Some people see great results which they claim to be a result of using this adjunctive therapy alongside their minoxidil, whilst others see no benefits from it whatsoever. Therefore, if you believe this could be causing your receding hairline to get worse, you could stop dermarolling for a month to see if the shedding or hair growth improves.

Essentially, because Male Pattern Baldness is a permanent genetic condition which gets worse over time as follicular miniaturisation occurs, there is nothing new that dermarolling would bring to the table, in terms of blocking the DHT which causes this hair thinning.

Microneedling’s only potential application would appear to be in terms of possibly offering enhanced minoxidil penetration. Large scale studies are required to establish any such legitimate up-sides for pattern hair loss – as these are not proven, as yet – as well as outlining the best devices and their optimal usage to see these benefits; there are various clinical trials currently underway – albeit small in scale – so hopefully more concrete information on its viability will be made available soon.

For those using a dermaroller – or a dermapen or stamp – it is crucial to follow the instructions closely as using these tools incorrectly, or too frequently, could cause damage to the skin which may trigger further hairloss. Additionally, if you are using minoxidil on broken skin, you are more likely to have an adverse reaction such as contact dermatitis.

As you do not mention any such symptoms, and your shedding appears to be confined to frontal hair loss, we believe it is unlikely to be linked to your dermarolling but recommend a personal consultation with a specialist. They can put your mind at rest and help you get to the bottom of this increased hair fall, as well as recommending more appropriate Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment options, where necessary.

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