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Can Brushing Your Teeth Help Stop Male Pattern Baldness?

Researchers have discovered that dental cavities can be caused mutations in a protein called keratin – which has already been linked to Male Pattern Baldness.

Those suffering from keratin mutations may experience similar weakness in tooth enamel as in hair follicles. The researchers have suggested that those experiencing male hair loss might benefit from keeping their teeth extra clean.

Anatomy of a Tooth and a Diagram Showing The Structural Make-Up of HairKeratins in tooth enamel

The study concluded that epithelial hair keratins are actually also crucial components for tooth enamel. Mutations in these keratins increases the risk of dental defects and tooth decay.

Researcher Dr Olivier Duverger explains, “Functional analyses revealed that mutations in hair keratins result in altered enamel structure and reduced enamel micro-hardness”.

The study observed the function of a specific set of hair keratins in the enamel of humans and mice.

The importance of keratin

Composed of 88% keratin, hair follicles are particularly reliant on this form of protein. Male Pattern Baldness has previously been linked to diets lacking this nutrient – such as vegetarian and vegan diets. Tooth enamel is the toughest substance in the human body and serves to protect teeth from cavities – the most common chronic disease worldwide.

The research, presented at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Boston, found that where keratin mutations and weaknesses existed, the chemical DLX3 was lacking, which regulates the protein’s synthesis and regulation in the body. This could therefore affect both tooth decay and hair loss.

Should you start brushing your teeth more?Should You Brush Your Teeth More Often If You Have Male Hair Loss?

This study’s focus on the epithelial keratins common to both hair follicles and tooth enamel made the first provable link between hair loss and dental cavities. Those experiencing Male Pattern Hair Loss should consider the link to their dental hygiene more carefully than before, and possibly brush more frequently. However, you should always speak to a dentist if you are concerned about any signs of tooth decay or before making any significant changes to your dental health regime.

If you are concerned about signs of hair loss and are considering treatment, contact a specialist who will be able to diagnose your hair loss condition and provide expert advice on treatments. There are two clinically-proven treatments for male hair loss; these are minoxidil and finasteride 1mg.

A hair loss professional will be able to design a comprehensive, personalised regrowth plan tailored to your specific needs based around these treatments in order to help restore your natural hair.

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