Can Apple Stem Cell Products Treat Thinning Hair?

Swiss apple stem cells as hair loss fighting ingredient appears to be enjoying something of a resurgence.

The introduction of these plant stem cell culture extracts to cosmetic products was pioneered by Mibelle Biochemistry, which released its breakthrough PhytoCELLTECH Malus domestica range in 2008.

Now, the company has started promoting Swiss apple stem cell extracts for its hair benefits, again. But does this ingredient really treat thinning hair? We looked into these claims to find out how it may be of use and precisely which conditions may it be beneficial for.

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First pioneered in 2008

Mibelle's patented approach involved using extracts from the endangered Malus domestica cultivar Uttwiler Spätlauber variety of Swiss apples, which boasts the ability to be stored for long periods without showing signs of ageing and whilst still retaining its flavour.

The company's research is said to show that this ingredient may help to delay onset of the hair thinning associated with ageing. This is something known as senescent alopecia which has since been shown, in 2016, to be related to humans' collagen production decreasing in line with their age.

Whilst this may be a concern for some, age-related hair thinning is unlikely to be the first hair loss condition people think of when they see that a product described as benefiting 'thinning hair'.

This is especially likely given thinning hair is the key symptom of the two most common permanent hair loss conditions, Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss, as well as temporary issues such as Post-Partum Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium.

This is why, particularly for consumers who don't want to waste their money on the wrong products for their needs, it is important to understand the difference between hair loss treatments and hair care products.

Difference between hair care products and hair loss treatments

In addition to being used in anti-ageing skincare to protect cells, plant stem cells are also often added to hair products such as conditioners, serums and hair oils. Whilst companies using this ingredients have sometimes advertised its purpose as being to 'treat hair loss', this is not an accurate claim - particularly for cosmetic haircare products.

Minoxidiil and Finasteride 1mg tablets - hair loss treatment SMALL

There are only two genetic hair loss treatments that are both licensed by the MHRA and FDA approved for this purpose; these are finasteride 1mg (men only) and high strength minoxidil.

The first is a once-a-day oral tablet which helps to prevent baldness by inhibiting DHT, whilst the second encourages active hair growth.

These approved hair loss solutions involve medication and, therefore, the medical claims that can be made about their purpose and efficacy cannot be applied to cosmetic products. In short, cosmetic products cannot make medical claims about 'treating' hair loss.

Whilst cosmetic products cannot treat a hair loss condition, they may be able to improve hair health, making it look healthier and, in some cases, temporarily conceal thinning hair by creating an illusion of volume, making it look thicker.

If you are concerned your hair isn't as thick as it once was, or if you are worried about unusual levels of shedding or signs of thinning, a consultation with a professional hair loss specialist can be an easy route to peace of mind. Following a scalp assessment - either in-person or using photo-uploads - they will be able to offer a diagnosis, advice and, where appropriate, personalised recommendations for treatments and hair growth supporting products.

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