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Can A Sweaty Scalp Cause Hair Loss? And Other Hot Weather Hair Problems

sweaty scalp hot weather hair lossThe summer seems to have finally arrived in England, and as we all rush to sneak in those glorious minutes of sun on our lunch breaks and bask in the warmth and the Vitamin D, those of us concerned about hair loss may be somewhat hesitant to partake in any sunbathing.

Of course, we all know about the dangers to our skin that can result from excess exposure to the sun’s rays, and being sure to wear sun lotion and taking other measures is important. But what effect can the hot weather have on your scalp?

The Summer Season

Whilst it’s not a concrete link, the seasonal hair loss that occurs for many people in the autumn months could indicate that something to do with the hot summer leads to hair loss. But why does the hair loss occur several months after the event? This is to do with the hair cycle, namely that environmental factors can potentially cause hairs to prematurely enter the resting stage of their cycle, which lasts three months, before hair sheds.

So, what events could occur that might cause hair to shed prematurely? The stress to the body of hot weather is one suggested reason (no matter how relaxing the sun might feel!) but there is no easy way to prove this. Some people also believe that like other mammals, we purposefully ‘shed’ our winter coat of hair to make way for a thinner crop of summer locks, though again there is no substantial proof of this.

If it’s sweat you’re worried about, it’s unlikely that the increased rate of sweating that comes with the hot weather will lead to greater hair loss. It’s also true that washing your hair more often in summer months is unlikely to result in further hair loss.

Sweaty Betty? Or Something More Serious

Belgravia produce a range of shampoos and conditioners that can be tailored to your hair type and take into account any scalp conditions, so if you’re worried that your current hair care routine is making your scalp problem worse, we can help. We also offer soothing clinical treatment therapy to improve the hair and scalp’s condition, though it’s unlikely that your current products are drying out the scalp to the extent that it could be a risk factor for hair loss.

Indeed, noticing hair fall in the shower is normal (we lose on average 100 hairs a day) so don’t let this put you off washing hair regularly. In fact, removing the build up of dead skin cells and sebum can only be a good thing for hair. That said, if your scalp is particularly itchy, it may be that it’s infected, which can potentially lead to hair loss. Visit a specialist if you think this might be an issue.

So, providing there are no other symptoms, sweating won’t cause hair loss, though an increase in shedding does seem to be fairly normal in the autumn as a result of the summer heat, although this link remains anecdotal. If you’re noticing an increase in shedding atop the scalp, it’s more likely that you’re noticing the onset of male pattern hair loss, or female pattern hair loss.

Not Just A Summer Thing

A hair loss specialist will be able to diagnose you, and whilst there may be other factors involved in female hair loss (such as hormonal changes and lifestyle factors) in men there is a 95% chance that your hair loss is down to genetics, and therefore requires treatment to stop its progression.

A medical hair loss treatment plan from Belgravia that includes at least one of the two proven for hair loss medications is the best way to treat hair loss and prevent the need for a hair transplant. Licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA, Propecia (suitable for men only) and minoxidil (for men and women) are clinically proven to treat excess shedding.

Propecia is available in a standard dose, but both men and women can use a variety of different minoxidil formulations depending on their specific case. A hair loss specialist can prescribe anything up to our unqiue extra-strength minoxidil creams for particularly stubborn cases of hair loss, and these combine with treatment boosters and regular clinical check-ups to form comprehensive treatment plans.

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24th November, 2015 at 4:40 pm


I was in a remote, tropical area for 3 months with little access to clean water and regular washing. I sweated a lot, and washing was only done once a week. I noticed a significant receding hair line and was wondering how to reverse it?

2nd December, 2015 at 12:06 pm

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Matt, One of our hair loss specialists has answered your query here. We hope you find this useful.

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