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Can a Naturopath Help with Hair Loss?

Men and women affected by hair loss conditions will usually consider many different potential treatments for their condition, including those outside of mainstream medicine – and that includes naturopathy, a form of alternative healing that encompasses fasting, nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. It can even include more recent treatments such as bio-resonance, ozone-therapy, and colon hydrotherapy.

Naturopathy and hair lossCan a naturopath help with hair loss?

So is there any evidence to suggest that naturopathy can stop or reverse hair loss?

Naturopathic hair loss treatments tend to focus on using herbal remedies to treat conditions. The biggest problem with this approach is that there are no known “natural” remedies for hair loss. Some vitamins, minerals and extracts may play a part in slowing hair loss, but there is nothing to suggest that they can reverse hair loss. The only hair loss products medically proven to reverse hair loss are the pharmaceutical treatments, Propecia (men only) and minoxidil.

The science behind hair loss

The most common form of hair loss – androgenic alopecia, or ‘pattern baldness’ – is caused by a genetic predisposition. With this condition, the hormone testosterone is converted into a secondary compound called DHT, which binds to hair follicles in the scalp, causing them to shrink. Over time the attached hair gets thinner and thinner until it eventually falls out. This process is repeated across hundreds of hair follicles leading to hair loss and often complete baldness, if left untreated.

There are also other types of hair loss which can be caused by psychological or lifestyle factors, medication side effects and hormonal imbalances, or autoimmune conditions such as alopecia. It is, therefore, very important to discover the cause and type of your hair loss before embarking upon any sort of treatment.Hair Vitalics - natural supplements to ensure hair health during hair loss treatment

The importance of a healthy diet

Diet plays an extremely important part in healthy hair growth. Many of the natural hair loss supplements recommended by a naturopath may not help regrow lost hair, but they could be helpful in maintaining the health of the existing hair.

Zinc is a commonly prescribed supplement that is vital to healthy blood flow around the body. Maintaining the recommended daily dose of zinc will help to maintain a healthy flow of blood to the scalp, which is essential to hair growth. Vitamin B may also benefit people affected by hair loss because of its stress busting properties, helping to combat certain conditions like Telogen Effluvium.

Our Hair Vitalics capsules are made from natural ingredients, including Zinc, Vitamin B6 and the natural DHT inhibitor, Saw Palmetto. These supplements are designed to ensure your existing hair, and new hair that grows through during treatment, gets a regular boost of beneficial nutrients so that it stays as healthy as possible.

Any good hair loss treatment plan needs to include guidance on dietary intake to ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients needed for hair growth, alongside a number of other factors, such as medications that have been clinically proven to promote new hair growth in people who are experiencing genetic baldness. Any treatment plan will also need to be tailored to your specific personal circumstances because there is no generic solution to hair loss. Therefore, the best course of action for anyone concerned about hair loss is to visit a hair loss specialist for a diagnosis of their specific condition, around which a bespoke treatment plan can be created.

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