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‘Bullied’ Schoolboy Donates his Long Hair to Little Princess Trust


Hair styles for boys come and go, but one particular look that frequently leads to young boys being singled out for special attention is long hair.

Often the attention takes the form of teasing and bullying – as 14-year-old schoolboy Charlie Marsden has discovered to his peril.

When the taunts began, however, the plucky Scottish youngster didn’t rush off to the barbers’ to get his hair cut off: he stuck with it. Now, he says he is growing it even longer so that he can donate it to the Little Princess Trust, the respected children’s charity who create real hair wigs for children with hair loss. These wigs are then given to kids experiencing childhood alopecia or from losing their own hair to cancer treatment.

Teenager Charlie Marsden Braves Bullies to Grow Hair Long in Order to Donate it to Little Princess Hair Loss CharityDonation target boosts charity funds

In addition, Charlie set himself a sponsorship target of £500 to give to the charity – a sum which he quickly smashed. At the time of writing, Charlie had secured pledges totalling more than £1,500 via his MyDonate page.

“I am a very quiet, shy 14-year-old boy who has been hiding behind my hair for almost four years,” Charlie writes on his fundraising page. “I have been picked on, laughed at, ridiculed and called a girl by kids and adults alike.”

Talking to the Daily Mail, his mother Jillian added: “Children have said to him, ‘You look like a girl’ and ‘You’re in the wrong toilets’. I’ve told him that the comments will stop if he cuts his hair, but I’ve also told him that it’s his life and his hair, and that it’s good to be yourself.”

Date with the hairdresser

Though already 16 inches long, Charlie’s hair is in no danger of getting cut until September, when his fundraising deadline arrives and a date with the hairdresser beckons.

But that won’t be the end of Charlie’s story – the teenager has pledged to carry on growing his locks after the haircut. His plan is to grow it again and then donate his hair a second time so that the Little Princess Trust can make another wig.

Interestingly, Charlie describes his hair as a “shield” – something to hide behind. For that reason, he is perhaps better able than most people of his age to empathise with children who have lost all their hair.

Whatever the reason, he has certainly caught the attention of the charity’s senior team: Monica Glass, the Little Princess Charity Manager, told the Mail: “Not only has Charlie grown his hair so that he can contribute a wig for a child currently suffering with cancer, but the staggering amount he has raised will purchase a further three wigs for other poorly children in this country.”

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