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Budding POTUS Donald Trump Won’t Be Beaten On Hair Loss


Presidential campaigns are often fought on personality as much as policy, and US hopeful Donald Trump’s election bid has got off to a flying (if unconventional) start. Recognising the historical importance of hair loss to America voters, during Trump’s rousing first rally he invited audience members to… touch his hair.

“Thin, but real”

Donald Trump Reveals Receding Hairline Whilst Proving Hair is RealTrump’s locks have long been headline-grabbers, with journalists seemingly fascinated by their captivating and sometimes almost other-worldly appearance. Some people think the US property mogul’s signature combover is an attempt to hide a thinning crown; others are certain it can only be a toupée.

But on the first stop of his presidential campaign in New Hampshire, the star of America’s version of The Apprentice decided to embrace his hair as part of his overall ‘package’. When talking to the audience, he even invited a woman up on stage to “make sure it’s real.”

According to metro.co.uk, the woman “took a little bit of persuading” to step forward and yank at Trump’s locks, and her verdict was perhaps not what he’d been hoping for. “It’s thin, but real,” she is quoted as saying. As he pulled his hair back for her to examine, he also exposed his receding hairline.

How to do the Donald Trump ComboverInfluence on popularity

Trump, it seems, was keen to face up to media commentary that has suggested the billionaire’s popularity on the election trail may suffer in part because of his unusual hair-style. In New Hampshire, Trump allegedly responded by saying, “They may not like my hair, well it’s real: look at that sucker!”

While it might seem trivial, world leaders’ hair does seem to carry some weight. In a recent study it was discovered that just five of the 44 US presidents who had been voted into office had been noticeably balding, and the news sparked a number of column inches about the importance to the voting public of a full head of hair on their would-be leaders.

Mr Trump has, however, found an unlikely ally in Time magazine, who published an illustration to explain how anyone can style their hair like ‘The Donald’.

If you’re interested, the key seems to be to grow the front of the hair long – at least four inches. Although the Time illustration misses out the integral back-combing stage – which Trump freely admits to, adding that he always uses a comb on his hair and never a brush.

Hair loss to be expected

There seems to be little doubt that Trump’s hairstyle is actually an elaborate comb-over, but thinning on top is very much to be expected given his advancing years (Trump is 69). The lion’s share of men will suffer from genetic hair loss by the time they reach their retirement, though there are a number of treatment options that have been proven to help prevent and treat baldness.

For men who suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, treatments in the UK are based around two clinically-proven products which have been licensed by the MHRA. A hair loss specialist can devise bespoke hair loss treatment courses for each client, tailored to their level and pattern of shedding, as well as their lifestyle needs, in order to halt further hair loss and initiate new growth.

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