BtoB K-Pop Star Peniel's Hair Grows Back After Alopecia Areata

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In November 2016, K-pop star Peniel Shin, one of the seven members of BtoB, went on TV to discuss the fact that he was losing his hair.
Peniel Shin BtoB hair loss alopecia areata hair grew back Peniel Shin, January 2018

The then 23 year old had been using bandanas and caps to hide his hair loss which developed slowly over a five year period.

His Alopecia Areata - an autoimmune disorder which causes sudden hair fall, leaving behind bald spots on the scalp - began with one small patch. As more began to appear, the singer decided to shave his head as a coping mechanism.

Now, however, as witnessed during his appearance at the 2018 Gold Disc Awards in South Korea, his hair appears to be growing back.

Hair regrowth after Alopecia Areata

As can be seen in photos and videos of the Chicago-born star, though some of the areas of patchy hair loss are still visible, Peniel's hair is certainly growing back.

It is actually common in cases of scalp-only Alopecia Areata for hair regrowth to resume naturally though this generally happens within the 12 months of it first occurring. Given Peniel's hairloss has lasted for around seven years now, it may be the case that the 25 year old has been receiving some kind of Alopecia Areata treatment in order to help accelerate his recovery.

At Belgravia this involves the use of appropriate formulations of topical medication, which is often paired with non-pharmaceutical supporting hair growth products. There are also a number of other options that can be used, with some having higher success rates than others.

Although we cannot see for certain from media images of Peniel's hair, the lighter circles may be caused not by remaining areas of patchy hair loss, but by a change in his hair colour.
Peniel Shin BtoB hair loss shaved head alopecia areata Peniel Shin, November 2016

When the hair grows back after Alopecia Areata it may sometimes regrow devoid of pigmentation. This gives the appearance of pale - white or creamy-coloured - hair. Given the Korean-American has naturally black hair this would be extremely noticeable, but following a few normal growth cycles the hair tends to revert to its original shade.

Hair loss may return

Though the Korean-American's hair looks like it is making a good recovery, it is possible for Alopecia Areata to recur. The reason for this - and the etiology of Alopecia Areata itself - is unknown, however, a number of triggers have been identified.

Previously Peniel Shin has explained that his hair loss was caused by stress. As such, doing what he can to minimise and manage any stressors in his life would be advisable. However, as a busy popstar with a demanding, international schedule, this may be easier said than done.

Whilst the more severe forms of Alopecia - Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis - cannot currently be treated, the scalp-only form can. As such, anyone noticing sudden on-set bald patches developing should seek expert help so that they can be quickly diagnosed and, if desired, begin treatment.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Alopecia

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