Britney Spears Going Bald Again?

Britney Spears Bald Patches

Britney Spears has visible bald patches, according to reports from the Daily Mirror, which were spotted earlier this week when the pop princess wore her hair in a scruffy bun while out on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

Reports claim the 28-year-old's lifestyle is catching up to her and causing premature balding, but hair loss specialist Leonora Doclis from The Belgravia Centre says the media are just creating hype.

"Cameras are unforgiving when it comes to this part of the head; they can create a problem where there is none," Doclis said. "Bless her; she must have been too busy to wash her hair. It’s very lank and greasy so it is susceptible to partings in the back area."

Although the latest reports suggest that Britney’s recent dye job, which turned her blonde hair to brunette, has triggered the hair loss, Doclis is not so quick to judge.

"Yes styling, especially extensions, can damage the hair but often temporarily. Lifestyle has big effect on hair health too, particularly if there is a genetic susceptibility to hair loss," she said.

The "Womanizer" sing star has subjected her tresses to years of cosmetic treatments and hair extensions, she even shaved her head bald two years ago while going through a very public breakdown.

Britney Spears Shopping in Beverly HillsTraction alopecia is the often temporary hair loss condition that sees bald patches form around the hairline or front and sides of the scalp, and is commonly seen in women who wear their hair too tight or employ hair extensions.

Stress, diet, medication and illness can have a negative effect on hair growth, and while the hair thinning is often only short-lived, it can trigger hereditary hair loss in women who have the inherent genetic trait.

"[But] based on this picture alone, Britney simply needs to remember to shampoo. Or had she combed her hair before putting it in a bun, those patches wouldn’t be there," Doclis said.

"I don’t think she inspected the back part of her hair before she went out."

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